• Kiev Medical University - a private higher educational institution - the best private institution of higher education in Ukraine.
  • All levels of education are represented at the University: from preparatory departments to doctoral studies. Very powerful developed internship, covering 22 specialties.
  • The University trains specialists in the areas of training: "Medicine", "Dentistry" and "Pharmacy" (field of knowledge 22 "Health").

The University takes an active position in maintaining business ties, executing common projects and participating in educational programs with Ukrainian and foreign partners. Every year the teaching staff and scientists of the University take part in city, all-Ukrainian and international conferences, congresses and forums, exchanging experience in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

Achievements of the university are represented every year at international and all-Ukrainian creative exhibitions, competitions, festivals, where students constantly receive certificates and diplomas of the winners.

The international activity of the university is aimed at establishing close international relations with foreign colleagues. Today the university cooperates with international institutions and maintains scientific ties with Poland, the USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Greece and many other countries.

The University, like all higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine, joined the introduction of the basics of the Bologna system into the learning process.

The university is the founder and member of the Inter-University Center for Research and Cooperation in Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CIRCEOS). The CMU and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia, and the Global Scaling University of the USA signed an Agreement of Intent for Joint Scientific Research, which provides for scientific research and development of methods and practices for improving the human body using folk methods and traditional methods. On September 6, 2012, a cooperation agreement was signed between the CMU and the Karl Tim Codbus Clinic - the Charite Academic Clinic.

The University has signed Cooperation Agreements with the Higher School of Informatics and Social Sciences (Bydgoszcz, Poland) in the field of education, science and culture. Information about the university is included in the leading information guide "Study Abroad"; to the catalog of higher educational institutions of Ukraine; register of higher educational institutions of the European Center of UNESCO (in 2007 the university took 7th place in the ranking of medical higher educational institutions of Ukraine). Every year information about the university is updated in the information guides "Ukraine invites to study", "Study in Ukraine", "Higher education in Ukraine".

For many years, university students took part in an international program for employment of students during summer vacations in Great Britain, in the international program "Nurses in the USA", in the international project "Service for Peace".

Campus and buildings

Educational and clinical bases of the departments of the university are located on their own and rented areas of the city's clinical bases and institutes. The total area of ​​its own premises is 9407.0 m2. This is the building of the Faculty of Dentistry on the street. Eugene Potier, 7, building on the street. Gorlovskaya, 124 and the complex of the sanatorium-prophylaxis "Synthetic" for educational and industrial practice. The departments of biomedical profile are located on their own training base.

The total area of ​​the leased premises is 9198.07 m2. Departments, dean's offices of faculties are located on the basis of the Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 1 on the street. Kharkov highway, 121. Until 2019, the administrative building was located on the street. L. Tolstoy, 9. Since May 2019, the administrative building is located on the street. Boryspil, 2.

The university has a library, the fund of which is more than 56 thousand. copies of educational, scientific literature and literature on traditional medicine.

Nonresident and foreign students live in the university dormitory (3563.3 m2), which is located near the main academic building. The hostel has a computer class with an INTERNET network, for self-study students there are 2 reading rooms for 80 and 120 seats. There is a cafe in the hostel.


The university prepares:

  • at the Faculty of Medicine, specialty 222 "Medicine", level of training - master, qualification - doctor, term of study - 6 years
  • at the Faculty of Dentistry, specialty 221 "Dentistry", the level of training - master, qualification - dentist, term of study - 5 years;
  • at the Faculty of Pharmacy, specialty 226 "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy", the level of training - master, qualification - pharmacist, training period - 5 years (full-time and part-time education - 5.5 years).

Medical Faculty

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

International Faculty