Department of Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry

Educational work
The department provides teaching of the following disciplines: "Propaedeutics of Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry", "Prevention of Dental Diseases" and "Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry" for students of 2 - 5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry. Postgraduate training in the disciplines of "Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry" and "Prevention of Dental Diseases" is conducted.

Methodical work
The material and technical equipment of the department meets the standards and requirements for the departments of higher educational medical institutions of III - IV level of accreditation.

Scientific work
The scientific direction of the department is to study the risk of occurrence, determine the features of pathogenesis, clinic, treatment and prevention of dental diseases in children with different classes of diseases.

Teachers of the department are authors and co-authors of more than 300 scientific publications, five patents for inventions, three information letters for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, two certificates of copyright registration of works, one textbook, participants of more than 50 scientific and practical conferences in Ukraine. its borders.

In 2016, the department presented the results of its research in "A compendium of facts on oral health of children around the world: early childhood caries", Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA.

History of the department
The Department of Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry, as an independent structural unit was organized in 2009. Prior to that, the discipline of pediatric therapeutic dentistry with a course in the prevention of dental diseases was taught at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Kyiv Medical University, under the guidance of Professor Oleksiy Ivanovych Marchenko. In 2009, the newly established Department of "Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases" was headed by Igor Molozhanov - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. From 2012 to the present, the head of the department is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Inessa Ihorivna Yakubova.