Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

Educational work
The department teaches "Surgical Dentistry" and "Pediatric Surgical Dentistry" to students of 3-5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry, "Fundamentals of Dentistry" to students of the 5th year of the Faculty of Medicine, including English-speaking students. Postgraduate training in the course "Surgical Dentistry".

Methodical work
Material and technical equipment of the department meets the standards and requirements for departments of higher education institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation. There is a complete set of methodological developments and recommendations. Teachers of the department are the authors and co-authors of 7 textbooks, 12 manuals, 3 monographs, including:
1. Timofeev AA Guide to maxillofacial surgery and surgical dentistry / AA Timofeev - Kiev: LLC "Chervona Ruta Tours", 2012. - 1048 p.
2. Tymofieiev O. Anesthesia in oral and maxillofacial surgery / O. Tymofieiev, Ie. Fesenko - Kyiv: OMF Publishing, 2016. - 128 p.
3. Timofeev OO Maxillofacial surgery / О.О. Timofeev - Kyiv: VSV "Medicine", 2017. - 752 p.
4. Timofeev AA Sovremennye tehnologii obucheniya v vysshem uchebnom zavedenii, metody i formy kontrolya znanii / AA Timofeev, EP Весова, Н.А. Ushko, S.V. Maksymcha - Kyiv: Scientific World, 2017. - 134 p.
5. Timofeev AA Tumors of the salivary glands / AA Timofeev, B. Beridze - Batumi: Adjara, 2017. - 118 p.

Scientific work
The scientific work of the department today is aimed at "Peculiarities of diagnosis, clinical course, treatment and prevention of complications in patients with benign tumors and tumor-like formations of the jaws and maxillary soft tissues" (initiative-search topic, state registration number 0117U002463, deadline 2017-2021 years).
Over the past 10 years, teachers of the department have published more than 365 articles in professional journals, made 95 reports at scientific conferences of various levels, received 12 patents. Under the leadership of the head of the department, Professor Oleksiy Oleksandrovych Timofeev, the department has prepared: 1 doctor of sciences, 9 candidates of sciences, 5 masters.

Therapeutic work
The department conducts medical work in the maxillofacial department № 1 of the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 12, where the staff of the department annually provides medical and consultative care to about 1500 patients a year. Employees of the department diagnose and treat the main surgical dental diseases of the maxillofacial area and neck and their complications:
- inflammatory diseases
- post-traumatic injuries
- benign tumors and tumor-like formations
- non-neoplastic diseases of the salivary glands
- diseases of the facial nerves
- congenital and acquired defects and deformations

Employees of the department perform the most complex surgical interventions on the maxillofacial area.

History of the department
The Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery of Kyiv Medical University was established in 1992. From 1992 to 1998 the head of the department was Mykola Lvovych, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. From 1998 to the present, the department is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor Alexei Timofeev.

Students of medical and dental faculties, doctors-interns-dentists are trained at the department. The following disciplines are taught: surgical dentistry, pediatric surgical dentistry and basics of dentistry.

In addition to theoretical (lecture) classes conducted by professors and associate professors of the department, students undergo practical training under the guidance of teachers of the department, studying the provision of surgical dental care to the population, both in the clinic and in the hospital. Students have the opportunity to participate in the treatment of the patient, from the diagnosis of the disease to the clinical recovery of the patient. During classes, students work in examination rooms, where consultations are held and diseases are diagnosed, operating rooms - where the surgical stage of treatment is performed, in dressing rooms - where the postoperative period is monitored. Employees of the department perform all types of surgery in the maxillofacial area from tooth extraction to emergency surgery for life-threatening inflammatory processes, removal of tumors of the face and neck, reconstructive surgery after removal of tumors of the jaws and defects and defects and defects.