Department of Therapeutic Dentistry

Educational work
The following disciplines are taught at the department:
- Propaedeutics of therapeutic dentistry
- Therapeutic dentistry

Disciplines are taught to students of 2-5 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as English-speaking students. Optional courses are held.
The department conducts postgraduate training in the course "Therapeutic Dentistry", training in clinical residency and graduate school, it is planned to open a doctoral program.

Methodical work
The department has methodological recommendations in such thematic areas as: dental caries and its complications, non-carious dental diseases, periodontal diseases and oral mucosa.

Employees of the department are the authors of a number of methodical materials for classroom and extracurricular work of students. Thus, AM Politun is a co-author of textbooks in Ukrainian and Russian: "Therapeutic dentistry: in 4 volumes: textbook" (MF Danilevsky, AV Borisenko, AM Politun, LF Sidelnikova, OF Nesin and others, 2004
p., 2008); "Workshop on therapeutic dentistry. (Phantom course) "(AM Politun, LF Sidelnikova, AV Borisenko, 1993, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2009), section" Therapeutic dentistry " in "Protocols of dental care" (AV Borisenko, AM Politun, LF Sidelnikova, OF Nesin, 2005); "Therapeutic dentistry. Caries. Pulpitis. Periodontitis. Oral sepsis "(MF Danilevsky, AV Borisenko, AM Politun, LF Sidelnikova, OF Nesin, 2010). OV Kopchak is a co-author of the textbook: "Modern filling materials and methods of their use in therapeutic dentistry" (GF Biloklytska, OV Asharenkova, OV Kopchak, 2013).

Scientific work
Today the staff of the department is working on a research topic: "Clinical and laboratory substantiation of the latest approaches in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of major dental diseases." The scientific activity of the department is devoted to the solution of actual problems of modern dentistry, among which: diagnostics, treatment and prevention.
major dental diseases (pathology of the hard tissues of the teeth, pulp and periodontium, periodontal tissues and oral mucosa).

The main scientific direction of the department is aimed at in-depth study of the clinical course and pathogenesis of generalized periodontal diseases in young patients and patients with comorbid and multimorbid conditions, in order to develop pathogenetically sound differentiated approaches to complex regeneration and use of new technologies. ensures the achievement of a lasting therapeutic effect. The department has trained one doctor of medical sciences, 11 candidates of medical sciences, 11 masters. Today, five graduate students are working on their dissertations.

Employees of the department undergo internships and participate in conferences, congresses, congresses, symposiums of international level, which are held in Ukraine and abroad, in particular in the annual congresses of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, NGO "Association of Periodontists of Ukraine", European Federation of Periodontology, FDI World Dental Federation. To date, the staff of the department are the authors of 300 scientific papers.

Therapeutic work
The department pays attention to the prevention and treatment of major dental diseases among the population.

The department conducts medical work in medical institutions of the city of Kyiv. The main base of the department is the Dental Center "University" (Kyiv, A. Tsedika Street, 7), where on a regular basis provides medical and consulting care to 500 patients annually.

History of the department
The Department of Therapeutic Dentistry began its work in 1995. Its first head and founder was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Mykola Avramovich Kodola. The first graduation of dentists was in 1997, when the competition for the position of head of the department was elected MD, prof. Alexey Ivanovich Marchenko. After graduating with honors from the Kyiv Medical Dental Institute, Oleksiy Ivanovych worked on his PhD dissertation on the issues of root canal sterilization. In 1959 he headed the only in the Soviet Union Odessa Research Institute of Dentistry (ONDIS). In 1966 he defended his doctoral dissertation on "Study of the physiological mechanisms of absorption by the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue." Author of more than 260 scientific works, including 12 monographs, 14 copyright certificates for inventions.