Department of Anatomy, Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery

Educational work
The department teaches anatomy and topographic anatomy with operative surgery to students of the first-third courses of medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties.
Teaching is conducted in Ukrainian and English.

Methodical work
Material and technical equipment of the department meets the standards and requirements for higher educational medical institutions of III-IV level of accreditation.
A number of textbooks and manuals on anatomy, topographic anatomy and operative surgery have been published.

Scientific work
Areas of research are the morphology of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, features of the course and stability in stress reactions, anthropology, methods of teaching anatomy, topographic anatomy and surgical surgery.
Teachers of the department have published about 400 scientific and scientific-methodical works, received 5 copyright certificates.
Employees of the department participate in conferences and congresses of various levels, in particular in the III and IV National Congresses of Anatomists, Histologists, Embryologists and Topographers-Anatomists of Ukraine, XIII Congress of the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Societies, International Scientific Symposium on Morphogenesis of Organs and Tissues. factors, IV International Practical Conference "Research, Theory and Experiment", the International Congress "Actual Problems of Modern Medicine" and others.

History of the department
In May 1992, the first private higher medical educational institution in Ukraine, the Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine, was registered in Kyiv.

From this time the search for a training base for the institute and the student dormitory begins.

To this end, Acting Vice-Rector for International Affairs Yu.O. In the summer of 1992, Bolgov carried out contractual cooperation with Doverya and For the Friendship of Peoples, with the help of which the institute was advertised and the first contract recruitment of students from foreign countries was carried out.

At the expense of the same companies the annual rent of educational premises and a hostel of Goskomgeologii of Ukraine on a lane is paid. Laboratory 1.

The formation of the teaching staff of the first departments of the institute begins.

Doctor of Medical Sciences VI is invited to head the Department of Anatomy. Talco.

Under his leadership, the educational and methodological base and teaching staff of the department are formed.

September 9, 1992 VI Talko gives the first lecture on human anatomy, which begins the first day of study - the day of the official opening of the institute.

With the beginning of the academic year, the above-mentioned base and dormitory are used by the institute not only for foreign but also for domestic students.

This step requires reducing the number of admissions of foreign students, but does not solve the problems of lack of study space, including for the Department of Human Anatomy.

Therefore, since the beginning of 1993, thanks to the initiative of VI Only part of the classes begins to be held on the basis of the Department of Normal Anatomy of the Kyiv State Medical Institute. O.O. Bogomolets, and in the next two years the department will move to work at the Department of Clinical Anatomy of the Kyiv Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians.

Since 1996, the department has been working on the basis of the pathological department of KMCL №1.

In the first years, the teaching staff of the department was mostly part-time, who worked in the main staffing schedule in other educational universities in Kiev.