Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Rehabilitation

Educational work
The following disciplines are taught at the department:
• neurology
• psychiatry
• medical psychology
• reflexology
• chiropractic
• physical rehabilitation

- Teaching disciplines is carried out by students of 2-6 courses of medical and dental faculties
- Postgraduate study in internship, clinical residency in the disciplines of "Neurology" and "Psychiatry"
- Postgraduate Studies in Neurology

Methodical work
Teachers of the department are the authors of working programs for teaching specialized disciplines. Their authorship includes materials on the following thematic areas: "Diagnosis in neurology", "Clinical and topical diagnosis in neurology", "Medical and psychological aspects of rehabilitation of anti-terrorist operation participants". Updated methodological developments for practical classes, lectures in Ukrainian and English.

The department has a student research group in the disciplines of "Psychiatry" and "Medical Psychology", whose participants take an active part in all-Ukrainian student scientific conferences.

Scientific work
Areas of scientific work of the staff: multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases, cognitive disorders in diseases of the nervous system, somatoneurology.

Received more than 30 copyright certificates and patents; three doctoral and five candidate dissertations were defended.

During its existence, the staff of the department has published more than 1000 scientific papers and participated in a number of scientific and practical conferences, including international and symposia.
The department has organized a number of scientific and practical conferences, including "Cognitive disorders in neurology" (2017), "Current issues of psychiatric and drug treatment in Ukraine and around the world. Personality-oriented therapy ”(2017),“ Man and medicine ”(2018, 2019).

The department cooperates by implementing common scientific topics with the Department of Age Physiology and Pathology of the Nervous System of the State Institution "Institute of Gerontology. DF Chebotaryov National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine "and Kyiv City Center for Multiple Sclerosis.

The department is actively involved in international cooperation in joint projects on mental health issues with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim).

Employees of the department have repeatedly participated in meetings of the Kyiv City State Administration on ways to optimize the provision of medical care to members of the ATO and their families.

Therapeutic work
The main clinical bases of the department are KMKL №1, KMKL №11, KMPL №1 named after IP Pavlov, SI "Institute of Gerontology. DF Chebotaryova National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine », Ukrainian Medical Center of Sports Medicine, Consultative and Diagnostic Center of Dniprovsky District.

The staff of the department constantly provides medical-diagnostic and consultative assistance to patients of neurological and psychiatric profile: performs visits to patients in departments, conducts consultative reception.

The Ukrainian Medical Center of Sports Medicine provides medical care to athletes in the clinic.

History of the department
The Department of Neurology was founded in 1995 by Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Oleksandr Yakovlevich Telengator - author and co-author of 245 published scientific and methodical works. In turn, the Department of Psychiatry opened its doors in 1996. Since then and until now, the disciplines "Psychiatry", "Addiction", "Medical Psychology" are taught on the basis of KMKL №1.