Department of Pathological Anatomy, Histology and Forensic Medicine

Educational work
The following disciplines are taught at the department:
- Pathological anatomy;
- Histology;
- Forensic Medicine.

Pathological anatomy (Greek pathos - disease, suffering + logos - word, doctrine; anatome - dissect, cut) - medical and biological science that studies the structural basis of pathological processes. Its tasks: detection of morphological changes of organs, tissues and cells in diseases and recovery processes; finding out the reasons, mechanisms and dynamics of these changes; comparison of morphological changes with the results of clinical, biochemical and pathophysiological studies.

Histology (from the Greek histos - tissue + Greek logos - knowledge, word, science) - a branch of biology that studies the structure of tissues of living organisms. Histology is an important field of medicine, surgery, extremely important for pre- and postoperative analysis, as well as biology.

Forensic medicine, a branch of medicine that studies issues of medical and biological nature that arise during the investigation of a trial.

Methodical work
Teachers of the department are the authors and co-authors of 5 textbooks and 2 textbooks, including:
1. Marushko Yu.V. Gichka SG, Moschich PS etc. - Ukrainian-Latin-Russian terminology from the course of children's diseases - 2003.
2. Marushko YV, Pisotskaya SA, Gichka SG, Boyko NS, Gaevskaya AV - Hematology of childhood: textbook - 2005.
3. Chaban TI, Gichka SG, Tkachishina N.Yu., Gorban VO, Marushko YV, Gishchak TV - Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of hypertension - 2003.

History of the department
The Department of Pathological Anatomy, Histology and Forensic Medicine was established on February 1, 1994.